Ethan's Laboratory is a multidisciplinary biomedical research group at Department of Chemical Engineering, Feng Chia University.  Our team aim to study the interactions among cells, signals and biomaterials, and fabricate the various biomimetic functional materials/constructs/devices for the biomedical applications. We have accumulated experience and expertise in biomaterials, stem cells, tissue engineering, 3D biofabrication, and organs-on-chips. Through our researches, we hope to push forward the development of novel micro/nano technologies for improving the quality of clinical therapeutics.




Due to the COVID-19 issue, the College of Engineering and Science, Feng Chia University entrusted Biomedical Engineering Lab (BME Lab) with the production of alcohol hand sanitizer gel for the students, staffs, and faculties in the College of Engineering and Science. To avoid dry skin after washing hand through alcohol, The members in BME Lab added aloe vera gel and lemon essential oil into the hand sanitizer gel. Through the moisturizing effects of aloe vera and the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of lemon essential oil, the hand sanitizer gel could release the dry skin issue and clean the hand.

    Also, BME Lab provide the recipe of hand sanitizer gel for DIY at home.

" 500 ml 75% ethanol + 50 g moisturizing gel + 10 ml essential oil,

then stir it until mix well."

Source: http://news.fcu.edu.tw/wSite/ctxItem=283328&ctNode=32924&mp=204501


August 1, 2018

Ethan's Laboratory will start on August 1.


January 9, 2019

Welcome the new member.

September 28, 2019

Welcome the new member.

April 6, 2020

BME Lab made the hand sanitizer gel and provided the gel for all department in the College of Engineering and Science, Feng Chia University.

March 29, 2021

Welcome the new member.